People Development

Pengembangan talenta di Perusahaan merupakan salah satu faktor yang menentukan tercapainya tujuan Perusahaan. Di JSI, pengembangan talenta dilakukan dengan berbagai program, diantaranya JSI Leadership Council atau yang dikenal dengan nama JLC dan program magang (internship) yang dikemas sedemikian rupa untuk peserta baik dari dalam maupun dari luar negeri. Program magang ini juga menunjukkan komitmen JSI di dalam dunia pendidikan.

JSI Leadership Council

JLC adalah suatu program kepemimpinan yang mengobarkan semangat sukarela dari talenta-talenta yang memiliki jiwa kepemimpinan. Di dalam JLC, seorang anggota belajar memimpin dan berkompetisi untuk menunjukkan kualitas terbaik yang dimilikinya. JLC memiliki 3 departemen yaitu:

- Departemen Corporate Social Responsibility
- Departemen Pendidikan
- Departemen Innovation
yang masing-masing memiliki program kerja yang jelas.


Moto & Nilai JLC

Moto: “ Menghasilkan pemimpin dengan integritas intelektual yang bekerja dalam lingkungan yang sangat kompetitif. "
Nilai: Integritas, Hormat, Komitmen, Kolaborasi, Disiplin dan Kompetitif


Aktivitas JLC

Berikut ini adalah beberapa aktivitas yang dilakukan oleh JLC



JSI memiliki komitmen untuk terus memberikan kontribusi yang nyata di dalam dunia pendidikan. Program magang JSI dirancang sedemikian rupa agar peserta magang mendapatkan pengalaman yang menyeluruh mengenai proses bisnis JSI. Di sisi lain, JSI juga membuka kesempatan kepada peserta magang agar memiliki kepercayaan diri memberikan pemikirannya untuk pengembangan perusahaan.

Peserta magang yang diterima JSI tidak terbatas hanya dari universitas/lembaga di dalam negeri namun juga dari luar negeri seperti:

Harapannya, akan tercipta pertukaran pengetahuan, keterampilan, dan nilai-nilai positif baik dari peserta magang maupun dari talenta di dalam JSI.

Internship Testimony

Moe Maeda Hitachi Ltd,. Information & Telecomunication company
Internship Period: Nov 16th-Dec 10th, 2015

Internship contents

- Grading system proposal
We proposed a new grading system for JSI. In the process, we had an interview, sight visiting to JSI’s property and researhing Indonesian society.

- Block chain, Sharing economy
We researched about two bussiness topics  by reading articles and discussing.

My impression

- About Internship
It was really good opportunity to work using English. And this is first time to give a consultation to other company.  Difficult and important things are to collect the correct information. Because at first, we did’nt know about JSI and Indonesia at all. So to make a strong reason for presentation, I realized that infomation was most important in mid term of internship.

- About daily Life in JSI
I could meet and talk with JSI’s members. It was really my pleasure. Everyone has different back ground from mine. My biggest purpose of this internship is to communicate those people. I appreciate all people I met in JSI.

Moe Maeda

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Motoki Nomura Hitachi Ltd.
Internship Period: Nov 16th-Dec 10th, 2015

Thank you for receiving us for the internship for one month.

During the internship we have done three projects.

1. About Block Chain   
2. About Shared Economy 
3. Grading System

From the project we have learned about the Indonesia culture and the difference from Japan by interviewing employees and visiting JSI’s property.

The most biggest difference between Japan and Indonesia is that Indonesia has more diversity of people and religions and  we have to adapt to the difference to do a good job in Indonesia.

I think this  learning in JSI which we believe will be useful for our career in the future.

Motoki Nomura

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Kunihiko Sato Hitachi Ltd.
Internship Period: Nov 16th-Dec 10th, 2015

Thank you for many valuable experiences in JSI. In this 1 month, I met many people, visit many places and discuss about Block Chain, Shared Economy and Grading System with other internship members.

I think Indonesian people are kind, polite and honest. In particular, I am grateful for Ms. Lea. She gave us appropriate advice when we are confusing. And she introduced us some Indonesian traditional food, for example pempek, gado gado to me. It was so delicious!

About Grading System we proposed, I am happy if JSI uses Hitachi’s system as a reference. For me, it was a good opportunity to learn about my company.

When I returned to Japan, I will share this precious experiences to my colleagues in Hitachi. And in the future, I want to come back to Indonesia not for internship program but for business.

Kunihiko Sato

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Satoshi Imamura Hitachi Ltd.
Internship Period: Nov 16th-Dec 10th, 2015

We proposed about JSI’s new Grading system. We tried to introduce Japanese best practice Grading systems. It is honored If we can serve you when you modify the HR system someday.

We also research “Block chain” and “Sharing Economy”. There were CEO’s Homework. I'm glad if We are being respond to the CEO’s expectations.

We went to the tour of JSI’s real estates. I feel that Indonesian future is Infinity.

I felt poor of my English skills, but I think I improved my communication skills.

I will continue the study of English. When we will meet next time, My English levels will be up!

I’ve known a lot of Indonesian culture. I’ve eaten a lot of Indonesian foods. Gado-gado, Pem-pek...and so on. I’ve been to a lot of places in Indonesia. Jakarta,Bali, Yogyakarta and Bandung. There’re my amazing experiences. I love Indonesia.! I want to come back to Indonesia someday.

Thank you very much, Much obliged! Lea-san and Mario-san , Bambang-san..and so on.

Satoshi Imamura

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Ariel Aldrin JIS, University of California, Berkeley
Internship Period: Jun 8th-Jun 12th, 2015

During my internship, everyone was very welcoming. Every time I was introduced to an employee from JSI or one of its partnering companies, I was greeted with sincere smiles. Each person I met was very willing to show me the projects and answer any of my questions.

JSI is a very organized company. For every trip to one of the projects, I found out that JSI had called ahead of time to let them know of our arrival. Additionally, I was told there was a step-by-step process for inputting a new idea for the company, which goes into detail about all the objectives, questions and issues relating to the idea. I am amazed at how even for the smallest things JSI has a clear and organized system of action.

Everyone working in JSI is very driven. Talking to a few of the employees, they were very passionate about their work and told me that their dream would be to see JSI grow into a more well known company. This may be the major contributor to the productivity and efficiency of JSI as a company with their many projects.

I was very impressed with the English speaking abilities of everyone in JSI. Whereas most companies in Indonesia have a specific group of people that are designated to deal with English, all JSI employees that I met were proficient, if not fluent, in English.

I think that the internship overall was very eye-opening to the works of large business companies. However, I only wish that the internship was longer. I only had enough time to tour some of the projects, learn retail strategies, and the finances for building new projects (KLB, price per unit area, etc.). Maybe one day, I can come back to intern for a longer period of time. Thank you for teaching me.


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Kentaro Nara IT System Sales, Hitachi Ltd., Japan
Internship Period: Nov 17th-Dec 12th, 2014

All JSI employees were so kind to us. We really appreciate their cooperation. It was a hard work but we enjoyed our internship. I feel that all JSI employees are smart and sincere. Every employee has high a motivation. I think "HUMAN" is one of the strongest point of JSI. When all JSI member clearly share the same direction and strategy, JSI will get more powerful propulsion for  achieving the goal. If the Intranet which we proposed could contribute that, it will be my happiest thing.

Before this project, I was worry about the differences of culture, language and how to communicate with foreign people. But through this project, I noticed that communication is easier when you build personal relationship. Now, I have confidence to work in foreign country.

Some day I want to come back to Jakarta and work with JSI.

Regards, Kentaro Nara

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Jun Yamashita System Engineer, Hitachi System, Ltd., Japan
Internship Period: Nov 17th-Dec 12th, 2014

A. Time Management

Difference of thinking about TIME is the most amazing thing. Because this is very different from the Japan. Indonesian people delay in start time of the meeting usually (10 to 15 minutes). It is that it highly unlikely in Japan. In Japan, people gather in the meeting room before 5 minutes to just time. In Japan,time management is very important and strict. So, usually our project timeline is represented by using arrow symbol to express more detail information.


B. Paperless

Japanese company also is progressing paperless. But, I am aware JSI employees hardly do print out.


C. Number of meeting room

There are many meeting rooms in JSI. I think this is a good thing and I am envy. In my company, the lack of meeting rooms is problem sometimes. JSI employees have a chance to exchange the various opinions of various people.


D. People

I think many JSI employees have energy and liveliness. In my company, many employees don't have energy and liveliness. Sometimes, I also feel like be tied by something. Everyone I meet in Indonesia is very very kind to me and also to my Japanese friends. Everyone smiles to me and listens carefully when I speak eventhough my English is bad. Everyone helps and supports me and teaches me various things politely. Everyone respects Japan and Japanese and does their best to try deepen exchanges. It is common saying that Japanese is kind to others. I think Japanese is kind to others who have same culture and same thinking, but toward people who have difference culture and different thinking, I feel Indonesia people are much more kind than Japanese. Personality is good.This fact is most attractive thing in Indonesia.

Compare to before visiting Indonesia, I become to like Indonesia much more because I like the people.

Regards, Jun Yamashita

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Fukashi Fujimura Automated Machine Designer Hitachi System, Ltd., Japan
Internship Period: Nov 17th-Dec 12th, 2014

A. People

I felt JSI people are very kind. It is said that Japanese have "hospitality" spirit, but I think Indonesian is better than Japanese. I felt JSI people bring everyone confidence.

B. Culture

Situation Analysis Framework of JSI was interesting. Hitachi also has various frameworks, but struggle to penetration. I felt JSI welcome the internship members and expect the result to internship members.

C. Project

I appreciated the cooperation of interview and questionnaire. JSI people were very cooperative.I enjoyed a tour of JSI properties because I had never seen.

Fukashi Fujimura

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Mari Harada IT Pre-Sales Engineer, Hitachi Solutions, Ltd
Internship Period: Nov 17th-Dec 12th, 2014

- People in JSI can speak English fluently, I think main factor is English used as company common language.

- Almost people response with smile. It was very good impression for me.

- People was cooperative. Almost people responded willingly,
even if I didn't make an appointment.

- Notice of birthday on the board, entertainment of year end party, recreation of company, etc.

B. Culture
- Good relationships among co-worker
- Improvement of information sharing will make development of relationship across the departments.

C. Personal Improvement
- I feel that I have enriched my skill, language, and personality by this experience. Someday, I will go back Jakarta with my improved English. 

Mari Harada

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Francis Lauw Georgetown University
Internship Period: Sep 15th-Oct 10th, 2014

My three weeks at JSI gave me a comprehensice overview of the real estate industry in Jakarta. We spent a week on the road, travelling around the city and visiting existing and ongoing sites. Throughout this period, I learned about the process of property development, how an idea turns into reality, and the people who make it happen. From the start to finish, property development is a series of complex procedure that requires constant analysis, innovation and problem-solving skills. Viewing the various projects educated me on the importance of securing a focused vision and target audience.

JSI place great value on their interns opinion and inputs, urging us to present ideas and recommendation to our supervisors. During the time with the company, we completed a digital strategy proposal, along with recommendation to improving an existing property.

This experience pushed me to stay observant and challenged me to brainstorm on multiple method of improvement. I truly enjoyed my stay with JSI, and had a wonderful worthwhile time interacting with and learning from the people who made up the company.

Francis Lauw

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